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What can we do for you?

From the begining till today babel has become a networking of professionals, sharing the same values and working approach. We called SMART CO - WORKING.

2.0 is our culture. We are flexible, effective, quickly reactive and with a low-cost structure. We can build the team fitting the project’s aim and we can enlarge o minimize it in real time. We are a tested working team, with process competence and recognized leadership build on the field.

Roberta Frigeri

With a degree in Communication Studies I’ve started at the editorial staff of Public and Public Today magazines. Beginning as copy now I’m a complete art director  and the words come together with images and strategies.


My passion? You do not ever’d be right, I’m a champion in off-road triathlon.


Università di Lingue Comunicazione IULM
babel instinct
Pure energy
Cross triathlon


Politecnico di Milano
babel instinct
Bring to life the not existing
Playing my guitars

Emanuele Nebuloni

With a Master Archiviz 3D I’ve sharped my competences to develop interior and exterior design, character and anything that, before existing in the real world, starts to live in my layout.

My passion? My tatoo and playing with my band.


Università di Fisica - Milano
babel instinct
Put your dreams on the web
Alpine skiing

Umberto Allievi

Solving problems is my business. And when I can use a computer I feel just at home. Whether I create an automation system or a website, no challenge is too hard. Going into uncharted fields is my passion, originality and simplicity are my distinctive marks.

My passion? I will make your dreams shine on the web!

Special Guests

Arianna by Skemalog DTC

We are pleased to host Arianna, the first sales management system that makes easy and immediate to take the sales order, to organize the agenda and to manage pre and post sales information.


That means an affective tool for every sales agent with all key data always available, updated and in real time. With Skemalog DTC you can develop Arianna tailored to your company's need. In addition, Babel can develop in synergy with Skemalog an effective communication to boost your Arianna system. To know more about Arianna you can visit the website, CLICK HERE

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